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Overall, the AR15 is a great hunting and self-defense weapon for civilian firearm owners. This BZO calls for the zeroing of M16A2/A3, M16A4, and M4A1 at 25 Meters with the setting of the rear elevation at 8/3+1, 6/3+1, and 6/3 respectively using the small (long range) aperture. Better damage per shot, low recoil, better accuracy, and idiots cant pick it up and use it well. (1960-Present) Type: Assault Rifle Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO Capacity: (5, 20, 30, 40 round box magazine/ 90 round snail drum/ 100 round dual drum Beta-C magazine (STANAG Magazines) Fire Modes: Safe/Semi (Mk 12 SPR, AR-15, civilian variants) Safe/Semi/Burst (M16A2, M16A4, M4) Safe/Semi/Auto (M16, M16A1, M16A3, M4A1). David Spiwak is Central Pennsylvania's premier Class 3 Dealer, and we take a lot of pride in the large number of M16 assault rifles in our inventory. The Physical differences between the two weapons include a removable carrying handle with an integral rail-mounting system, and an optional RIS handguard on the M16A4, the Knight's Armaments Company M5 RAS. The M16A4 has a flat-top receiver developed for the M4 carbine, a handguard with four Picatinny rails for mounting a sight, laser, night vision device, forward handgrip, removable handle, or a flashlight. The M16A4 does not come stock with a foregrip and, for that matter, neither does the M4. M16A4: 9.13 lbs. The only problem with that is the detachable carry handle was designed to compensate for the bullet drop based off the geometry of the M16A4's sight radius. M16A3: A fully auto version on the M16A2 model; M16A4: . 2. simply: an M4 is a carbine of the m16. In the U.S. Army the M16A2 rifle is being supplemented with two rifle models, the M16A4 and the M4 carbine as the standard issue assault rifle. The average shooter is only going through a box or two at a time, a few times per year. 4. It is a shortened M-16 (carbine) that also has an adjustable stock. the fire rates dont matter. The m4a1 or m4 carbine is just that, a carbine version of the m16. Jan 18, 2009 #4. It is claimed that it is as accurate as the M-16 . However there are often significant differences between video game M16 variants and their real life counterparts. 16A4 is by far superior. The only thing they share is the lower receiver, which is identical to M16 and M16A1, hence the capability of full auto fire, unlike M16A2's 3 round burst. Most of the weight lost in the M4 is related to the barrel and . Figure 5. The differences between rifles M-16 and AR-15 can be seen in the following categories: Purpose. Nothing wrong with that and no judgement here at all - especially these days! M4 Carbine. A1 and A2 Stock Differences Overall Length. There are too many versions of M16 pattern rifle variants to list all the differences. The minimum legal length on a civilian rifle is 16" unless you file paperwork to own a short-barreled rifle (SBR). The M16A2 is also able to (unique to both the M16A2 and the XM-177E2) launch rifle grenades from its muzzle. M16-/M4-SERIES WEAPONS". In terms of drawbacks, the M16A2's main weakness is its lack of a full auto mode as the M16A2 is restricted to toggling between semi-auto and 3-round burst fire. It is made using readily available machining technology. It was designed for close quarters, and to be lighter weight and easier to wield. - but that is generally the case. It also fires the improved 5.56×45mm NATO (M855/SS109) cartridge and has a newer adjustable rear sight, case deflector, heavy barrel, improved . . Answer (1 of 5): The M16A4 is a 20″ rifle and the M4 is a 14.5″ carbine. Spent Brass Deflector. The bullet from the M193 cartridge is shorter and it weighs about 3.56 gm. For most people, it won't matter much. In 2009, a detail specification for the M16A4 was issued . The . There is no internal difference between the M16A2 and the M16A4 models. Clearly M16A4 is superior however its the burst mode which might make some people hard to use. It is equipped with a removable carrying handle and a full length quadPicatinny rail for mounting optics and other ancillary devices. The M16A4 is just another example of USMC ingenuity. Fundamentally an improved M16A2 with a removable carry handle, a Picatinny top rail to allow for optics, and short rails on the handguard for accessories, the M16A4 has a fixed stock and utilizes . What the designers did was put picatinny rails on the rifle and also on the hand guards. 3. By 1996, the two newest versions of the M16 appeared, the M16A3 and M16A4. The M4 features a collapsible stock, while the standard AR-15 opts for a fixed stock. The main difference between them is the fire-select feature on the A3, other than that they are the same weapon. 2. The M16A4 is the newest variant of the long used M16 rifle. There were no differences between the internal dimensions of the M16A2 rifle and the M16A4 rifle, even when fitted with the KAC M5 RAS. The most common are the M4, M4A1, M16A2, M16A4, and Mk 18. The basic M16 weighs between 7 and 9 pounds (3.26 to 4.0 kg), though accessories such as suppressors, scopes, and grenade launchers can practically double that weight. Most notably, the carrying . The m4 has a 14.5 inch barrel and a collapsible adjustable stock. The standard is for the soldier to shoot a 4cm (1.5") group at 25 meters as the Army extrapolates that a soldier will then be able to shoot a 48cm (19 . One of the main differences between this model and the models we've have already studied so far is that the carrying handle on this model is detachable. This unit works perfectly with M16A4, M4A1 and AR-15 rifles and many more. The M16 was always fitted with a 16 to 20 barrel. The M-16 as we know now, was created at the height of the Cold War to give the US military a deadly, accurate and lightweight rifle to compete against the Soviets. The M4 carbine exclusively uses a 14.5" barrel. These differ from the M16A2 by having a removable carrying handle, with the upper receiver being fitted with a Picatinny-type accessory rail. Marine grunts, who will now use the M4 instead of the M16, said the weapon is a better fit for the type of combat they face today. In 1964, the M16 entered US military service and the following year was deployed for jungle warfare operations during the Vietnam War. . June 3rd, 2006. The difference between the XM4 and an earlier M-16 was the compactable stock and a shorter (14.5 inch barrel). Krazyboy87, Jan 18, 2009. Firing selections are limited to semi and burst capabilities with a standard safety as well. The fourth generation of the M16 series was adopted by the U.S. Military in 1997, it was known as the M16A4. The Physical differences between the two weapons include a removable carrying handle with an integral rail-mounting system, and an optional RIS handguard on the M16A4, the Knight's Armaments Company M5 RAS. The M16A4 is a gas-operated weapon. The m16 has a 20 inch full size barrel for maximum range and stopping power and a fixed solid stock. Physical differences between the two weapons include a removable carrying handle with an integral rail-mounting system on the M16A4. The major difference between the M16A1 and M16A2 is the fact that the M16A1 could operate in full-automatic mode, emptying an entire 30-round magazine in just a few seconds; whereas the M16A2 is restricted to 3-round bursts, a feature which preserves ammunition and improves accuracy. both can be semi or full auto. M16 RifleFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaM16 is the U.S. military designation for a family of rifles derived from the ArmaLite AR-15 and further developed by Colt. Since the GWOT kicked off in 2002, the big shift over the years has been to move from the full-length M16 family to the more compact M4/M4A1 carbine, with its collapsible rear stock and stubby 14-inch barrel, leaving the increasingly old-school style rifle as something of a relic today. A number of lightweight materials are used in construction of this weapon in order to save weight. The M16A2 is the more robust weapon that can reach out and touch targets at longer distances. It can be confusing which one is which, especially since changes can be easily made to the point where you may have a hybrid with components of different versions. The A1 stock has an OAL of 9-⅞ inches. Colt didn't help the matter by selling flat top upper receivers as "A3" models before the military came up with the designation. The BF3's A3 features a KAC M5 Rail Attachment System, known as tactical rail in game, which only came with later M16A4 models, while A2E3 has the classic ribbed handguard from M16A2. Rear Sight Windage Knob. The M16A4's longer barrel allowed for a higher muzzle velocity and a . Difference between M16A1 and M16A2. The M16A4 is a much more modular weapon . This means an A1 model M16/AR-15 rifle will have a LOP (Length of Pull) of 12.875 inches. There are no differences between the internal dimensions of the M16A2 Rifle and the M16A4 Rifle . 2021 at 1:04 am. The parts are manufactured with less precision. It has been the primary infantry rifle of the United States military since 1967, is in use by 15 NATO countries, and has been the most produced firearm in its . Photo Credit: Sgt. Their ubiquitous deplo. Answer (1 of 5): The M16A1 was designed to be an assault rifle with a relatively short maximum range, light weight, relatively simple sights, and good ergonomics. The M4 is the highly adaptable king that is the premier CQB rifle. It has a . The only difference between the M16A2 and the M16A4 is the M16A4's carrying handle is removable with a Picatinny rail under it. Yes. After the war Colt continued research on it and after loosing the contract to make the new M16A2 rifle, began extensive research into what they titled the XM4 in 1984. The choice or round—lighter weight 55-grain bullets—and a relatively slow rifling twist for the caliber represent this. Which gun comes out on top as being the ultimate weapon of war? the M16a4 is the same as the M4 but full length with the 20in . m16 are not always 3shot burst but they can be and m4 arent. Otherwise the M16A4 is similar to the M16A2, while the M16A3 also replaced the infamous three-round burst mode with full auto mode. The selective fire has varied between Semi/Full Auto, and Semi/Burst throughout the years. As you may assume, the construction of the AK-47 and M16 reveals big differences between East and West. The Colt AR-15 is a lightweight, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic rifle. AR-15 barrel profiles matter to a degree but also may not, depending on your intended application. There is the first version: M16A1 and the most recent version the M16A4, and iterations in between. Charging Handle. Other new and exciting features that the M16A2 offered were an up-to-date adjustable rear sight, pistol grip and buttstock, improved handguard, case deflector, and a heavier barrel. The M-4 is an upgrade of the old CAR-16. M16A2/M16A3: 7.78lbs. The original upper receiver with a fixed carry handle was replaced with one that has a removable handle and a built-in full-length Picatinny rail for mounting optics and other ancillary devices. According to user "RebelRouser" on AR15.com, the Canadian C7 rifle is a markedly different from the standard M16 issued to US armed forces. Describe the difference between weapons condition 3 and condition 1. The M4 Carbine is a 14.5" barreled select fire Assault Rifle. (However, the A4 illustrations show a BUIS mounted to the upper, and do not show any panels installed on the M5 RAS forend.) There are no differences between the internal dimensions of the M16A2 Rifle and the M16A4 Rifle. Bottom Line Palmetto State Armory is always a no-brainer option for today's black rifle components. When the US A. The main reason I say this is the document that makes the most sense is due to the Knights Armament M5 RAS that the M16A4 has instead of the standard circular handguards. Many shooters do not allow weapons to select different firing modes, and as a result they must designate a single firing action for M16 variants. Adjustable AR-15 Buttstocks. Here is an FN M16A4 with a 3 shot burst option. I suggest reading about them on wikipedia, not just looking at the pictures. Christopher Stone/Marine Corps. While the U.S. military needed a new rifle with the faster 1:7 twist to fire the new NATO standard SS109 round, the . This is the first and most basic difference between these stocks. M16A2: 8.81 lbs. Also used is the Squad Advanced Marksman Rifle (SAM-R): The most recent adaptation, the M16A4, was finalized in 1997, giving our soldiers the ability to mount optics and accessories to the top rail and handguard, giving them a rifle more adaptable to their environment and fight. I play pubg and the m16a4 is not better than the m4 The m4 is . The M16A4 is identical in appearance to the M16A3, but can fire single shots or 3-round bursts (no full auto). We have addressed the differences between the military and civilian designations elsewhere in the article. It was designed to be manufactured with extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. The M16A4 is the latest version of the M16 rifle, and is currently a service rifle in the United States Army. The only difference between the M4 and M16 is barrel length. A lot of people think its M16A3 > M16A4 when it is opposite. It is a 3-round burst rifle like the M16A2. List the differences between the M16 and the M4 Carbine. The AK-47 is a very simple and traditional weapon. Krazyboy87, Jan 18, 2009. While the C7 is built off of the Technical Data Package from Colt, the Canadians claim to have made over 150 changes improvements to the basic rifle prior to . The FN M16A4, using safe/semi/burst selective fire, is now the standard issue for all U.S. Marine Corps and is the current issue to Marine Corps' recruits in both MCRD San Diego and MCRD Parris Island. Everything is . -- US Army Technical Manuals clearly show the M16A3 as having a carrying handle. The M16A2 is a 1 minute x 1/2 minute windage and the M16A4 and M4 both use the 1/2 x 1/2 minute detachable carry handle. The M16 rifle (officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16) is a family of military rifles adapted from the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle for the United States military.The original M16 rifle was a 5.56×45mm automatic rifle with a 20-round magazine.. We are looking at the two most used rifles for armies across the world: the AR-15 vs the M16A2/A4. The basic weight for the M4 is between 6 and 7 pounds (2.9 to 3.10 kg), and the accessories weigh less as well. Another big plus is the fair price. The best features of this carry handle are the standard, mil-spec features like the A4 aperture. You'll have the option of choosing from M16A1, M16A2, M16A3, M16A4, and M4 carbine assault rifles when . The latest versions of the same manuals clearly show that the flat-top variant of the M16A2 is the M16A4. It is chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. M16A4 Rifle, NSN 1005-01-383-2872, LIN R97175 (In Common Usage). I just remember in 1983 when we briefed the Commandant of the Marine Corps on the M16A2 acquisition decision, the weight difference was a few ounces, and nothing near .89 lbs. To begin with, the M16A2 and M16A4 are very similar weapons, sharing the same trigger groups as well as the improvements made from the M16A1. M16A4: 9.08lbs. whereas the bullet from the M855 is longer and weighs about 4.0 gm. When the carrying handle is removed, any accessory device with a rail grabber, such as an optical sight, can be mounted on the . Very much unlike the A1, A2 or A3 which require . The M16 was always fitted with a 16" to 20" barrel. Pick the one that better suits your needs. The A4 may be referred to as the flat top version because of the removal of the carry handle and it distinguishes itself as the only one in the group ready to be equipped with an optic.

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